Changes to Service 19

Do you use the service 19? Then this post is for you. Reliance will be introducing a new timetable on the 19 starting on 04/09/2016. The new timetable will see an increase in buses during the week with the half hourly service rolled out until the early afternoon. Following City of York Councils decision to remove transport funding for faith schools in York, the vehicle will no longer serve St Wilfrids School on Monkgate. As a result of this, the bus departing York at 1533 will move to 1543 and the bus departing Skelton at 1510 will run the full route. Sadly the Sunday service will be withdrawn.

If you need any more assistance, or would like to ask a question, get in touch here – CONTACT US

Updates from Reliance Live

Reliance are constantly trying to find new and exciting ways to inform customers of the latest developments on the network. The latest innovation in this direction is the addition of a Reliance Live mailing list to the website, Jamie Kerslake explains more;

“Since the introduction of the Reliance Live system, I have had a number of passengers come forward and express interest in getting a more automated system in place. I took these comments on board, and I am pleased to announce that we are now rolling out the Reliance Live Mailing List. Passengers can head to our website, put their email address into our database and then let the latest updates and news from Reliance, come directly to their inbox.”

The current Live page provides information on planned roadworks, road closures and events that may disrupt the network and the Live mailing list is an extention of this.

“We think this will really come into it’s own when we have to deal with events that cause severe disruption, such as road closures.” says Jamie, “The ability to quickly inform passengers of changes to the route, delays that are likely or even just why the delays are occuring, goes a long way to help people plan their route to and from work, or just to the shops.”

You can sign up for updates at RELIANCE LIVE

Student Express from Reliance

Have you heard about the new Student Express from Reliance?

Commencing 4th Spetember 2016 – Reliance are pleased to announce the introduction of the Student Express. This service is a direct response to feeback from students who were fustrated at having to spend a long time on the bus at the end of the day. The new service will operate 5 minutes ahead of the current 1640 departure, leaving the college at 1635. It will then travel via Woodthorpe to the outer ring road and onto the normal 30 route from Skelton, terminating at Raskelf.

Gary Newby – Operations Manager at Reliance – “We are thrilled to be able to introduce the service that students have been asking for, and we hope that in time we will be able to offer more direct route throughout the day”

The introduction of Easi Student Tickets as well as Student Plus means that the Reliance network is better equipped than ever before to handle the needs of the student traveller.

You can find out more about student tickets here – STUDENT TICKETS