New Flex Tickets – Coming Soon

Flex your tickets from Monday 18th May 2020

Reliance are pleased to announce changes to our ticket structure, effective from Monday 18th May 2020. 

In response to the ever changing face of the COVID-19 situation, Reliance are introducing a new style of ticket to make travel more affordable and flexible for those that need it most. The new Flex tickets will offer fixed travel over a defined period of 3, 5, 7, or 30 days - allowing passengers to pick the best deal for their travel. 

Gary Newby, Partner at Reliance Motor Services, says "our new approach to flexible ticketing will mean significant improvements for passengers, from speeding up boarding by using the latest QR technology on more of our tickets, to reducing the need for passengers to pass tickets between them and the driver"

The Flex tickets will ultimately replace the 10 Journey tickets that are currently available on Reliance services - "As our network has expanded" says Gary "the need for a more flexible approach has arisen. Our feedback indicates passengers don't want to spend large sums on 10 Journey tickets that possibly wouldn't get used for a month or more and are far more comfortable with a fixed travel period for a lower price". 

Flex tickets will be available on buses from Monday 18th May 2020 and will be sold alongside 10 Journey tickets until 21st June 2020 at which point, 10 Journey tickets will be withdrawn. Passengers who still hold 10 Journey tickets after that date will still have until 31st December 2020 to use them up. 

"Our Flex tickets will allow us to dynamically move our offer into the digital age and although the COVID-19 situation has delayed investment in on bus technology, we are working hard to bring a solid digitise offer to our passengers and recognise that there is a need for this". 

If you have any questions about our tickets, you can email us here for a response. 

Keeping safe on our buses

Reliance are working hard to keep you safe on our buses. Please help us to help you, by following our simple rules;

Social distancing - please sit at least two metres apart, this means one person to a seat, and leave a seat between you if possible.

Pay by contactless - if you can pay by card, it means we don't have to handle the cash. Please only use cash as a last resort.

One at a time - pleas only board and alight the vehicle one at a time and leave space for others to pass you in the gangway.

Wash your hands - before and after using the bus, we recommend you wash your hands.

Driver screens - we have begun rolling out driver screens on all our vehicles.

Do not travel unwell - if you, or someone in your household, has any symptoms of COVID-19, please do not travel. Seek advice by calling 111.