Student Tickets

Please note that Reliance are changing the way we offer student tickets from September 2017. If you have any specific queries, please contact us directly.

Due to the increase in demand for more flexible ticketing, we will be withdrawing our Student and Scholar Plus tickets from September 2017. We will offer an annual student ticket with an upfront cost and enhanced benefits to replace these. You can contact us for a quote using the button opposite.

Easi - Student 10 Journey

This ticket gives the user 10 journeys to use at their leisure, no time limit applies. The ticket is split into two zones, Inner and Outer, see below, and offers the user a 'pay as you go' experience.

Outer Zone - Thirsk, Bagby Lane End, Thormanby - £25 per 10 journeys

Inner Zone - Raskelf, Easingwold, Alne, Tollerton, Shipton, Skelton - £20 per 10 journeys

Please note that a valid student ID card may be required at the point of purchase.

Easi - YO61 10 Journey

Do you live in the YO61 postcode? Travelling to Easingwold 6th Form? Then the YO61 ticket is for you! Costing just £15, this ticket can be used for travel to and from Easingwold 6th Form.

A valid student ID card from Easingwold 6th may be required at the point of purchase.

York Hopper Tickets

Within the City of York boundary, we offer two types of ticket. Scholar Hopper is available to persons under 16 and Student Hopper is available for persons in post 16 education. Both tickets can be purchased on the bus and give the user 10 journeys with no fixed time limit.

York Scholar Hopper - £12

York Student Hopper - £15

A valid Student or School ID may be required.