Tea and Coffee Promotion

  1. Reliance Motor Services retain the right to amend these terms or cancel the promotion at any time.
  2. A valid single trip, is designated as a journey which commences and terminates at different locations, where a Reliance Vehicle has been used, on a Registered Reliance Bus Service.
  3. One token only is awarded for each single trip. Return tickets and Multi-Trip Tickets display the appropriate token designation at the bottom of the ticket.
  4. Tokens will not be awarded for Monthly or Annual Tickets and only on adult fares.
  5. Tokens can not be replaced and or renewed if lost or damaged. Only tokens in a good and readable condition will be accepted.
  6. All tokens collected must be submitted to the driver to claim your promotional voucher.
  7. Retailers retain the right to refuse vouchers at any time.
  8. No further purchase necessary to claim offer.