Reliance LIVE

Reliance LIVE aims to provide information to people using our network. You can find out about roadworks, road closures, diversions and other unforeseen events affecting our buses on this page. You can also sign up for updates from Reliance Live using the email capture below - we will only send out updates when there are events affecting the network.

Christmas Service Levels

Thursday 24th December 2020 – Normal Service

Friday 25th December 2020 – No Service

Saturday 26th December 2020 – No Service

Sunday 27th December 2020 – No Service

Monday 28th December 2020 – No Service

Tuesday 29th December 2020 – Saturday Service

Wednesday 30th December 2020 – Saturday Service

Thursday 31st December 2020 – Saturday Service

Friday 1st January 2020 – No Service

Saturday 2nd January 2020 – Normal Service Resumes