All Tickets

Adult/Child Single 

Our basic ticket to get you from A to B across the network. Through tickets to Thirsk available on the 40 service.

Adult/Child Day Return 

A simple day return ticket that is valid between the boarding stage and nominated destination. Valid on day of issue only. Through tickets to Thirsk available on the 40 service.

Easi - Day Ticket 

This ticket entitles the holder to travel as many times as they require during the day. Perfect if you have multiple destinations. Valid across entire Reliance network. Valid on day of issue only.

Easi - Family Day Ticket 

2 adults, 2 children - The family ticket is split into two zones, Inner and Outer. Both represent excellent value for money. When you board the bus the driver will be able to assist you with the correct zoning. Valid on day of issue only.

Easi - 10 Journey Tickets 

These 10 Journey tickets offer superb flexibility and value. Based on the fact you pay for 8 journeys and receive 10, you are issued with a card and protective wallet, then the ticket is yours to keep and use until all journeys have been used up. No time limit on the journeys.

Easi - Monthly Ticket

Reliance monthly tickets are a fantastic way of achieving value for money if you travel regularly with us. They are based on 27 times the single fare to your given destination. Issued with a plastic wallet to protect it throughout the month.

All York Tickets 

We accept and issue All York tickets inside the City of York boundary. These tickets come in the following formats; Day, Young Persons Day, Family Day and Weekly. For more information, please click here.

Creepy Ticket 

As the Official Travel Partner of The Web Adventure Park, a special reduced rate ticket is available from anywhere on our 40 Route to the site. Adults Return tickets are just £3.20 and Child Returns Tickets are just £1.20 extra per child. There's lots to do, for more information, visit: