School Services

Reliance are pleased to offer connections to the majority of local schools that are along our bus routes. All of our school services are open to members of the public with the exception of the school buses that are specifically contracted by North Yorkshire County Council, these buses do not appear on our timetables. 

If you need any assistance in planning your school journey, please give our office a call on 01904 768262 or contact us for more information. 

Full pricing for scholars and Students can be found here.

Outwood Academy / 6th Form - 30XS

Departing York Station at 07.35 via York Ex Sq, Clifton Green, Shipton Road and Skelton to Outwood Academy / 6th Form.

Students from Wigginton, Sutton, Huby, Stillington can also use the 154/40 departing Exhibition Square at 0734 and arriving at Outwood Academy at 0819.

Full timetables can be found here.

York College - 30SE / 19M

Following the successful introduction of the Student Express in 2016, we are pleased to be announcing the expansion of the route to cover Thirsk (previously Route 8).

Students from the Poppleton and Acomb area are set to benefit from the re-routing on the 19M from September 2018.

The full timetable for the Student Express (30SE) and 19M can be found here.

See York College website for full details - go to YC site


Manor Academy - 19M

Departing Lakeside Primary School via Green Lane, Eastholme Drive, Mitre and Skelton Village to Manor C of E Academy. This vehicle continues to York College via Poppleton.

The full 19M timetable can be found here.