Using Our Buses

The following is intended as a guide to help you use our buses. If you have any other questions and or queries, don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact us page.

Hailing and Boarding the Bus

Hailing the Bus - You should be aware that most rural routes require you to hail the vehicle as it approaches you. You do this by putting your hand out and holding it there till the driver indicates and brings the vehicle into the stop. Even where there are marked bus stops you should hail the bus. If you are hailing the bus in the hours of darkness, you should be aware that can be extremely difficult for our drivers to see you. You can help our drivers to see you at the bus stop in a number of ways - light your smart phone screen or use a torch app then hold it out for the driver to see, sometimes moving it up and down can help catch the drivers eye - use a small torch to attract the drivers eye in the same way as described before.

When boarding the bus it is polite and practical to allow passengers off before you board. When you first board the vehicle ask the driver for your chosen ticket or present your pass. Please try to have some change available, particularly on the morning runs. Once you have a ticket, retain it for inspection if required and take a seat.

Departing the Vehicle

If you’re travelling to an area you don’t know, and aren’t sure where to get off the bus, when boarding ask the driver to alert you when you reach the correct stop. If you do know where you need to get off the bus, look out for the stop coming up, and as you approach it ring the bell once, to let the driver know you want the bus to stop. If someone else has already rung the bell the ‘stopping’ sign will light up, so you don’t need to ring the bell again.

The bus will only stop at a bus stop, and the driver will open the doors once the bus has come to a halt. Be careful stepping down from the bus to the pavement, and remember to make sure you’ve not forgotten any bags or luggage!